Saying good-bye to Mr. Melch

Die GAZ verabschiedet sich von Michael Melch, unserem amerikanischen Fremdsprachenassistenten im Schuljahr 2021/22.
Michael Melch war mutig genung, die Herausforderung eines Jahres an einer deutschen Schule mitten in Corona anzunehmen.
Wir danken ihm für die gemeinsame Zeit und wünschen ihm alles Gute!

Hier sein Statement:

My time at GAZ has been truly amazing. I have enjoyed getting to know the teachers and students and being able to share various traditions and aspects of American culture with them. I have especially enjoyed the many conversations I have had with students about life in the USA and what is different in Germany. I would like to thank Frau Scholz and Herr Dams, and all of the teachers who have made this year so memorable for me! It has been a pleasure to help in the English lessons and has been an experience I will never forget! Michael Melch

The Bili group year 6 took the challenge to interview him and write articles about him:
Paula, Bili year 6:
Michael Melch
Michael Melch is 23 years old. Michael speaks two languages: German and English. He came to Germany one year ago. His hobbies are playing ice-hockey, golf and American football. He likes our schoolsystem because you have more opportunities than int the USA. In the past, his favourite food was mashed potatoes, steak and beans. His favourite movie is „Interstellar“. His favourite colour is blue. He has one sister. He also likes to play Xbox.
David, Bili year 6:
Information about our „Mr. President“
Today was the meeting with our president - his full name is Michael Melch, 23 years old. We thought our president only knows one language, but no! He knows two: English and German!
Also we fount out from his words that he is from Washington and his best school friends were in the football team - but he likes basketball better than football.
Today he showed us his money balance and he doesn´t have a lot of money. Also, we found out that his favourite sport is ice-hockey. 
And we now know that Michael Melch is a very big fan of Jonny Depp and he is very happy for him.
At the restaurant we saw him eating steak and mashed potatoes and we think it´s his favourite food.
Two of his favourite countries are Poland and Switzerland. 
He just finished watching a very popular series. 
He has studies in the US and Germany. 
Also big news yesterday was that he wants to buy a dog - a German Shephard. 
If he leaves his job he will to to be a teacher or translator.
And that was only about 1 percent of his story and his life.

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