holistic, individual, international


We take responsibility for ourselves and others. Our community is energized by trust in our strengths and understanding for the weaknesses of others.


We deal with each other fairly and peacefully. We respect each other and accept our different personalities. We respect the diversity of opinions and advocate democracy and freedom.


We live a European mindset by cultivating international contacts and getting to know other countries and people.




Together we design our workplace, with active development of the school and lessons. For this reason we constantly educate ourselves.

We prepare well-designed and creative lessons with high professional and educational standards in order to satisfy the individual student.


We train our students to be responsible and independent. We pay attention that all rules are respected and we will help conflict resolution in an advisory and mediatory way.


We contribute to the success of school life by being polite, peaceful and respectful, taking serious the concerns of our students. We ensure the greatest possible clarity in the evaluation of student´s work. Trusting cooperation with parents is an important part of our work.




We design our school by actively participating in school life keeping our opinions open and fair, and being open to other people.

We make the effort to give our best, so that we enjoy learning and show what is within us.

We contribute to the success of school life by being polite, peaceful and respectful, and following the instructions of the teachers.

We never resolve conflicts with physical or mental violence, but are always guided by our respect for others.




We educate our children to be responsible and independent people.


We support our children by talking to them regularly about school and taking their concerns seriously.


We support our children by keeping in touch with their teachers, going to their parents' day, attending home visits and attending parent meetings. We enable our children to participate in special events.


We work together with the school to give our children the best possible start into the future. This means that we keep our promises.


(Andreas Müller, Sven Schäfer)

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