Our trip to Neustadt an der Weinstraße

- Unforgettable impressions

We went there by train. We visited the museum of technology in Speyer, a Holiday Park, a climbing park, and Neustadt city. We spent our time talking to our parents on the phone, writing a travel book, sleeping, eating ice cream and relaxing in our rooms. The worst part of the trip was, when we waited for the busses or trains. We didn’t like the mountain in front of our hostel. We had to walk up and down the hill every day. The best part of our trip was the Holiday Park, because all of us had fun and we rode many rollercoasters. The climbing park was one of the best parts too. It was very exciting to climb on high trees. Sometimes we were afraid, but we overcame it. I want to do this school trip again, because it was a lot of fun with the class. (Esra Ercan)