My Trip To Trier

On 8th of June 2015, my class and I went on a wonderful class trip to Trier, one of the oldest cities in Germany. We stayed there for five days. Our schedule wasn’t tight at all, and we had plenty of time for ourselves. On Monday evening, at about four or five o’clock, we arrived at the youth hostel. We had a look at our rooms, unpacked our suitcases and explored the hostel. Dinner was alright. We were meant to fall asleep at ten o’clock, but many of us stayed awake until much later, as we were too excited. On Tuesday we spent the whole day sightseeing. We visited Porta Nigra, the city, the amphitheatre, and much more. We had lunch at the hostel. We also had a lot of free time on this day. Many of us decided to do some shopping. Personally, Wednesday was the best day. We visited the city Luxembourg. It was so beautiful. It was a mix of Germany, France, Spain, America, Britain & Italy. The people were so kind, even though we hardly understood a word. They speak French. We saw the Golden Lady, the house of the Duke of Luxembourg and lots more. Back at the hostel we played pranks on a few other students & teachers, and also put make-up on the boys. Thursday was spent in Saarburg, an amazing place. We used these ski lifts to go up a hill, and the ride took ten minutes. We also did a few other activities and ate some ice cream before exploring the small town. Friday morning we were off again. What I liked the most was Luxembourg, but what I liked the least was that we had to sleep quite early and the teachers received our phones every night. My classmates were quite bearable…sometimes. I wouldn’t mind doing it again if it lasted longer! (Maram Omer)