Bili – intro text

What is Bili?

We have four hours of English a week plus two hours of Bili in the afternoon. Bili is Gl (social studies) and English together. Some topics and a book we learned about were:

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The French Revolution and Napoleon
  • Climate change
  • Mountains
  • Politic in America
  • Young people and the law
  • Tropical rain forests
  • Pope and Emperor
  • Ancient Greece & the Roman Empire

Furthermore we read a book called Jerry by Laurence Hager and Cecile Rossant. It was an interesting book about monitoring young group teenagers. The lessons are many-sided and helpful. Moreover we learn a lot about the history of the whole world. You can also expand your vocabulary and develop your English skills. In Bili you have a chance to communicate with others in fluent English.

We can make English great again. Bili first, English second.

(authors: Esra Ercan, Waleria Walter)